11 Jul

Tired of the usual room? 8 chromatic ideas for the wall behind the bed, to turn the room in low cost.

A new home, perhaps rented, a limited budget and a bedroom to personalize, or simply want to give life to this setting without running into crazy expenses. For a targeted action, but for sure, at a fairly low cost, the idea of coloring the bedside wall would be the winning solution.
Color – to be evaluated within a more or less precise range of colors and in the right nuance – has always been a great ally to characterize with little and little of the environment, giving it a new life without too invasive and costly interventions. Here are 8 possible chromatic interpretations to evaluate and personalize based on your style and available space, because when choosing a color for an important environment such as the bedroom nothing is left to chance.

1. Gray graphite, to avoid mistakes
The color of choice for this home environment, gray, in its many shades, is very well suited not only to make the bedside wall, but also to become the guiding color of the entire space.
Suffering and well-balanced is a good chromatic compromise for those who are hunting for a connotative but sophisticated shade, and want to get out of the “obvious” of beige.

Additionally, create a real bed headboard with a high panel in a shade of gray more or less identical to that of the wall. The tone tone effect made on different materials, such as the velvet of the photo, will give a very chic set.

2. Green jade, for those who are looking for tranquility

Elegant, contemporary and definitely destined to last in time as a tint of furniture, green (in its many shades) is a color that in the bedroom is still all to explore.
Rich in calming properties in the shade of green jade, socky and firm, it lends itself to endless combinations. Full and total does not require much else, but it is among the best colors to fill the absence of elements on the wall that has to be backdrop.

The extra idea: to enjoy the beauty of a bohemian space, all around the bed with small photos attached directly to the wall and enrich it all with an antique wooden mini table or with an old chair to use as a table Next to the bed.

3. Pastel Rose, a classic in an informal version
Pastel pink, gentle and ethereal, is a viable alternative to the bedside bed, but if it is unevenly balanced with the furnishing elements or textiles, it can give you a too feminine and at times stuccoy solution.
If you love this color the best way to actualize it is by combining it with enamelled furnishings or light wood, as in the picture, dimming the color romance. In this way you will get a Scandinavian style that will give the space an informal air and nothing at all.

The extra idea: in addition to light wood, dotted with gold and copper chromed elements and over the bed played with photos and even tone-tone prints, the effect will be really interesting.

4. Red coral, for those who have no problems with insomnia
Definitely not for everyone, the red one you know is a super-exciting color and even in its softest coral declination is calibrated in this home environment.
But if like me, even for you to sleep is not a problem, then what a coral! Especially if your bedroom is particularly bright and you can enjoy the beauty of a strong and pure natural light.

Additionally, consider this color option for the bedroom of a house at the sea and maybe opt for textile items flourished in blue and white tones. With such a decisive color, the furnishings and complements will have to be minimal and declined in soft colors.

5. The celestial in a new dress
The blue powder is a very chunky color for the bedroom. To make it a bit more original (and perhaps even a little less sdolcinato) you can think of inserting it calibrated into a game of bicromi.
As in this case, when the celestial, topped by a white chalk white, only makes up part of the bedside wall.

The more the idea: let the color band involve everything on the wall behind the bed, including the door. A completely unpublished idea that will make the room, with little (at the end of only a color band) very original.

6. Surprised blue
To measure and calibrate depending on the lighting in the room, blue is definitely a very sophisticated color. Of undeniable charm can be declined in different shades, but it is definitely in the darkest colors that returns character and depth to the environment.
Perfect for large spaces and bedrooms with high ceilings, if well thought out can still be located in even smaller spaces. Especially if it is modulated and weighs with other brighter surfaces, such as floors, does not darken the environment, but instead creates a pleasant contrast.

The idea is that if you can dive a blue scale to compose the environment or if you want something really special in the dark blue pumpkin orange, this is one of the newest and most interesting pairs of color.

7. Color oil, for those who are looking for refinement
Absolutely fascinating color, oil is not for everyone. Swirling blue decay with inside a dark bitter bit is velvety and compact to the look.
Even in this case preferred in bright environments where there is a large window or window door is refined and shady and is very well suited to embellish the wall of the bed; But like all the dark shades if not consciously chosen and dampened by lighter elements it could tire long.

The idea: dress the wall (as in this case) with a black and white photo of different sizes, the composition of the three colors white, black and oil will dampen the depth of the backdrop and give further peculiarities to the set .

8. Black yes but moderately
Dark and deep, in the bedroom can be chosen only for such a solution fully inhabited by white and lighter shades of wood. Perfect to break the monotony, it returns concreteness to the environment and is very useful in recomposing a somewhat obvious and dated style.

The idea: if you like this color, especially in the bedroom, entrust yourself with black and white games and do not introduce other colors. With black just really little to pass from super elegance to bad taste.

Tell us: what tone did you choose for your room? If you need more inspiration, browse the photos of the bedrooms (you can select the color you like from the menu on the left!).

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